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Basic Laptop

Economical, less power, ideal for a grade school child’s computer or a lightly utilized home computer to browse the internet and read emails.
Typical configuration – Intel Core i3 CPU, 4 – 8GB of RAM and 128 – 250GB hard drive.

Mid-range Laptop

Mid-range laptops are ideal for office work and high school or college course work. Will work well for the family computer for browsing the internet, reading email and playing non-graphics intensive online games.
Typical configuration – Intel Core 5 CPU, 8 – 16GB of RAM and 512 – 1000GB hard drive.

Performace Laptop

Performance laptops can easily run graphics and/or compute intensive software like graphical games, desktop publishing or graphics design software
Typical configuration – Intel Core 7 CPU, 16+GB of RAM and 1000+GB hard drive.

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