A “good” antivirus software is considered essential for the safe use and reliable operation of your personal computer. Especially, when your computer is connected to the internet.

“Good” antivirus software will satisfy the following criteria:

  1. A small footprint (Doesn’t use very much of your PC’s memory.)
  2. Minimal impact on your PC’s speed when doing its job.
  3. Updates itself regularly and often. Preferably multiple times a day.
  4. Has a good track record at stopping most viruses

There is only one antivirus software that Strategic Networks recommends to its clients AND uses on its own PCs: ESET Antivirus.

ESET meets and exceeds all of the criteria above and for the last 14+ years ESET has been successfully protecting the PCs here at Strategic Networks as well as those of its clients.

With industry accolades and customer five star reviews you can be sure that ESET will protect your PCs and computing devices from viruses, malware and cyber attacks.

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